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Who are we?

SetRite is a leading Education & Migration Consultant in Melbourne, helping onshore and offshore applicants with professional advice. We are a team of highly experienced and expert, registered migration and education agents. We have in-depth knowledge of Australian Migration Law. We help applicants with permanent and temporary residency visa applications.

As leading registered Migration Consultants in Melbourne, we focus on helping our clients with specialised immigration services. Our team is entirely committed, professional, and dedicated to providing high-quality candid guidance. Our migration agents in Melbourne will ensure a stress-free migration process for people applying for a PR or Temporary visas.

How can we help you?

As a leading professional education consultancy firm, SetRite offers you end-to-end consultancy. Starting from helping you in identifying the right course, to assisting with the paperwork, filling in application for visa, and undertaking all kinds of activities to ensuring that your visa application to Australia is a seamless process. We have shared some information, which might be relevant to you depending on your circumstances and eligibility.

International students aiming to study, work and live in Australia, should get in touch with an Education Consultant to find a suitable course and apply for an Australian Student Visa. After 2 years of studies in Australian universities/ Vocational schools/ colleges offering higher education (and CRICOS approved), an international student could be eligible to apply for an Australian post study work visas under subclass 485. An Australian post study work visa may be issued for varied time periods depending on your qualification.

The student can then look for a permanent residency pathway in Australia if they meet the points test and other eligibility criteria. Alternatively, if they have an employer willing to sponsor them for a TSS visa or the permanent ENS 186/RSMS 187 visa. If applying through General Skilled Migration, the applicant must have a positive skills assessment from the relevant skills assessing authority and have an occupation that is listed as eligible for the visa type.

An important thing to note here is, your study area and your nominated occupation must match even though in some cases relevant work experience may substitute for the formal qualification. Please note that the occupations list changes often and according to the needs of the economy and labour market.


  • Meet the Australian Study Requirements: Generally, the criteria for is to study in Australia for a minimum of 2 years (closely related) but this may vary depending on your course of study or level (vocational or higher ed).
  • The occupation you choose must ANZSCO Job Descriptions: If you google ‘anzco position descriptions’ you will see certain jobs have required fields of study at either higher education or vocational levels. To qualify for these jobs you must meet these educational requirements.
  • Apply for a visa within 6 months: You should apply for PSWV 485 visa within 6 months of completion of your studies.
  • CRICOS approved study program: Your course of the study should be on the CRICOS list of courses.

Students aiming to settle in Australia permanently should select the right course which has PR prospects and will continuously be in demand in the coming years. To provide you with examples, here are some of the sought-after courses with PR prospects:

Computer and Information Technology (IT)
The rapid changing pace of technology has brought about the creation of numerous computer and information technology courses. Specializing in hardware, software, network, security, website development courses, universities around the country including the professional arm, Australia Computer Society, continuously update the courses to maintain its competitiveness in the digital field. The demand for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) graduates is consistently in the rise to cope with the growing need of the industries.
ICT occupations in the skills list are ICT Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Analyst Programmer, Developer Programmer, Software Engineer, Computer Network and Systems Engineer, Software Tester, ICT Support Engineer, Web Developer.

Education and teaching
Pursuing a career in the field of education holds power in making differences by inspiring students’ curious minds. Australia is regarded as one of the powerhouses in having excellent education standards known worldwide. International graduates pursuing teaching occupations enjoy the high demand in education institutions.
The teaching profession in the skills lists are Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) Teacher, Primary School Teacher, Secondary School Teacher, Special Needs Teacher, University Lecturer, Vocational Education Teacher, Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Australia is one of the front runners in the field of engineering. International students are drawn to the country to learn and kick-start their careers in various specialization. Engineers provide solutions, innovations and practical solutions to day to day challenges. They also design, create, built, manufacture, innovate and invent. Our world is better because of the creative minds and hard work of the engineers. Engineers are sought after in Australia to address the needs of the country in various aspects.
Occupations needed in Australia are Chemical Engineer, Materials Engineer, Civil Engineer, Geo technical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Environmental Engineer, and Industrial Engineer.

Nursing and medical courses
Australia’s ever-growing population depends on its highly skilled medical staff in providing healthcare. Medical and nursing courses attract thousands of local and international students determined to profess their passion and lay foundations to a promising career. Consistently being included in the skills lists, nursing is one of the desired courses in the medical field.
In the skills list are: Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse (Aged Care), Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health), Registered Nurse (Community Health), Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency), Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability), Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation), Registered Nurse (Medical), Registered Nurse (Medical Practice), Registered Nurse (Mental Health), Registered Nurse (Perioperative), Registered Nurse (Surgical) and Registered Nurse (Pediatrics), Midwifery.

Social Work
Considered one of the fastest-growing occupations in Australia, social work courses attract international students who want to work closely with people afflicted with personal or social issues. Often described as the unsung heroes of modern times, social workers are but empowered ordinary individuals making an extraordinary impact in the lives of others by giving advice, support and provides help to reintegrate socially displaced individuals into the society.
Graduates pursue social work and related occupations listed in the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and in the combined list of eligible skilled occupations such as Social Worker, Community Worker, Welfare Worker, Welfare Centre Manager and Family Support Worker.

Automotive courses present career in a growing industry (3.46% projected job growth). International students who are passionate about fixing cars will now have a possibility of obtaining their permanent residency status. The in-demand jobs are automotive electricians and motor mechanics.
Automotive jobs in the lists are Automotive Electrician, Diesel Motor Mechanic, Motor Mechanic, (General), and Motorcycle Mechanic.

Building and Construction
Building and Construction courses offer a pathway into an industry with a 10.9% projected job growth that will continue till 2022. Trade jobs like construction & joiners, plumbers, and more are in demand. Thus, making trade courses an attractive pathway for international students.
Building and Construction jobs in the lists are Bricklayer, Building Inspector, Carpenter, Carpenter and Joiners, Construction Project Manager, Construction Estimator, Glazier, Roof Tiler, and Wall and Floor Tiler.

Cookery, patisserie, and hospitality
Courses under Cookery and Hospitality field not only promise an exciting career but also hold potential in obtaining permanent residency status. Passionate students invest in their career through quality Australian education and hands-on work experiences. Whether your passion is in cooking, baking or managing hotels, Australia’s booming tourism industry is always in need of hospitable and passionate persons making a difference in their job.
Cookery, Patisserie and Hospitality jobs in the list are Chef; Cafe or Restaurant Manager; Caravan Park and Camping Ground Manager; Hotel or Motel Manager; Licensed Club Manager; Bed and Breakfast Operator; Accommodation and Hospitality Managers; Baker and Pastry cook.

Plumbing courses are typically a Certificate III or IV. With 5,766 occupation open for permanent residency and an 11.2% projected job growth till 2022, plumbers are in demand in Australia.
Plumbing job in the lists is Air-conditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber, Plumber (General), and Roof Plumber.

Painting and Decoration
Painting and Decoration courses offer a single PR pathway for students. With projected job growth of 10.9% in the construction industry, Painting Trades Workers are needed.
Painting Trades Workers is in the MLTSSL list with an occupation ceiling of 3,277 for 2018-2019.