Advising on and compiling your entire application up until a decision is made

This includes initial advice, application assistance, form preparation, assisting with the gathering of documentary and other evidence to support the application, preparation of submissions and any necessary correspondence with DIBP. We will also contact DIBP on your behalf in relation to the application as required.


Assisting self-prepared Applicants

Some applicants, usually for cost reasons, prefer to prepare and lodge their own applications. In our professional opinion, we consider it to be a potentially dangerous option to prepare your own application and it is accordingly not something we recommend. There are many reasons for this – the constantly changing nature of Australian Immigration law, which includes not only the law itself, but also the forms and fees that apply for a given application, together with the effect that a rejected or refused application can have on your future, and your ability to make further applications.

Notwithstanding the above, we can review your application prior to lodgment, and can assist you with planning and dealing with potential future issues.


Partially completed applications

A further service we offer is representing applicants part-way through an application. This often occurs where an applicant has made their initial application with another migration agent and is dissatisfied with the service they have received, or where an applicant has lodged an application themselves and then struck complications with the application which they feel they do not have the necessary experience to deal with. In both cases we can offer assistance.

Second Opinions

We are often asked to provide a second opinion in relation to initial advice given by another migration agent, particularly in complex migration issues. This will generally be charged at an hourly rate.

Expert Migration Opinions

Puneet Randhawa has provided expert migration opinions in a number of matters in relation to complex migration law matters.


Attending Tribunals and Departmental Interviews

We would always recommend being represented at any hearing or Departmental interview in which an applicant is involved (for example the AAT or student cancellation cases). We are also able to attend interviews at DIBP with applicants (eg Student visa applications, Student visa cancellation interviews).


Preparation of statements to the Department of Home Affairs

We can also help you to compile a written statement and supporting documentation, for example in a student cancellation case where a section 20 notice has been issued.

Student Visas

We provide complete assistance with student visa applications. This includes providing advice from start to finish.

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